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Hi I'm Kristen! 

I'm a 29 year old mom, teacher, and wife just trying to navigate this crazy world like the rest of us !

I'm so thankful you came to my blog where you'll learn all about the things that make my life a little easier everyday.

I invite you to explore around & see life a little through my eyes! I can't wait to laugh, cry, and support one another on this journey!

Follow me on instagram for a more "personal" look into the life of the redhead behind it all. 



a few of my favorite things...

My daughter's laugh- my husband's smile -my sons chunky cheeks- chipotle burrito bowls - books - oreos - pajamas - clean sheets - messy buns - grey's anatomy - margs - purple skittles - my mom's lasagna - flair pens - my twin sis - Mexican food - peanut butter - coffee with cream - cheeseburgers - my amazing and awkward middle schoolers - family time

let's be friends:

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