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Amazon Repeat Purchases

The wild world of Amazon! So many products to sort through and they have absolutely EVERYTHING!! Who has to hide their boxes from their husband (🙋‍♀️)....Though I am all about supporting local before purchasing online, sometimes home delivery just works best with our busy schedules.

The following products are my repeat purchases on Amazon, meaning I have purchased them more than once! Definitely a hodgepodge of products but all worth it! All products are linked on my LikeToKnowIt page. Reach out if you need help downloading the app or finding me!! Happy Shopping!!!

  • Nylabone Dog Bones- My pup loveeees these and chews through one a week. Repeat Purchased 3 times.

  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion- The best body lotion EVER! It keeps my skin soooo hydrated. Perfect for the cold dry winters in Ohio or to hydrate skin after being in the sun all day. It smells like a vacation in a bottle!! Palmer's is fair trade certified. My 2nd bottle is almost gone so I’m about to place my 3rd repeat order on Amazon. I’m hooked on this stuff for life!

  • MaryRuth’s Kids Multivitamin Gummies- I love that these are made with Organic and natural ingredients. Payton LOVES them. Makes me feel like I’m having a #momwin every time I give them to her!! I am on the subscribe and save plan with these so I get one new bottle a month through Amazon. Repeat purchase 5+ times!

  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Lotion- You can tell how hardworking my husband is by looking at his hands 😳 He’s got me hooked on this hand lotion as well. Non-scented and repairs dry, cracked, cut up hands overnight. Repeat purchased 3 times!

  • Beauty Blender Pack- ever wonder why these suckers are so expensive in the grocery story?! I never have any idea! So glad I found this beauty blender pack on Amazon. I use one a month and then toss them without feeling bad because of how cheap they are! Great quality for the price. Repeat purchased 2 times.

  • O’Cedars Scrunge- discovered these from @gocleanco on Instagram (the most satisfying and informative cleaning page ever!) The scrunge is durable & won’t scratch your dishes, the only sponge I have ever used that doesn’t fall apart on me. Repeat purchased 2 times since discovering them in November!

  • Simply Stamps Self Addressing Stamp- a lifesaver when it came to any type of invites! I’ve ordered these multiple times. You can personalize the words, font, & color! Repeat purchased 4 times!

  • Brown Sugar Exfoliating Scrub- I’ve purchased this scrub on Amazon for multiple different reasons. It smells like you could literally eat it, and makes my skin SO soft. I struggle with chicken skin bumps on my arms and this is the only thing I’ve found to work. Helps with scrubbing off old spray tan as well! Repeat purchased 3 times!

  • Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens- the only pens you’ll ever need! Being a teacher I’m a little particular about my pens 🤣 once I went to Papermate Inkjoy I never went back! Worth the $ as they last awhile. Repeat purchased 2 times!

All products are linked on my LikeToKnowIt page- download the app & follow @kristen.Jedlicka to find the links! ❤️ Tag me on Instagram stories (@kristen.jedlicka) if you’ve found any of these products working for you, too!!!

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