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April/May Freebie: Weekly Gratitude and Affirmation Check In


Who's guilty of often get wrapped up in a never ending to do list? Are you stressed about the chores that AREN'T done rather than appreciating the little things each and everyday holds?? You're not alone sista! I dropped the ball on an April Freebie and overall blog content, because to be quite honest.... I just wasn't feeling too creative. I had a really rough March and beginning of April mentally. My twin sister left for bootcamp, there were some health issues in our family, and I just felt like I was surrounded by bad news. Though I recognize my "problems" are minuscule to those around me, I could feel myself slipping into a negative mindset. I needed to find some positives or I was going to dig myself into a much deeper hole.

Since then, I've made it a point to give myself time at the end of the day to recognize "what is" rather than "what's not". I'm not good at meditation as my brain never seems to shut off so I've been using gratitude statements and "I Am" affirmations to draw out the joy in everyday. I can honestly say it's helped me to feel way more positive and i've started to find a lot more join in my day!

I created this printable "Weekly Gratitude and Affirmation Check In" in hopes that it can help you find some good in your days as well as affirm your positive qualities no matter what!

I'd love to hear if this works for you, too! Leave me a comment, or tag me on instagram @kristen.jedlicka.

Stay humble and kind, ya'll :)

Weekly Gratitude & Affirmation Check In
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