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How to Help a New Mom Postpartum

Her body hurts, her brain is foggy with lack of sleep, and everyone keeps asking "how can I help?!" but the truth is, this new momma might not even know where to begin!

Through personal experience & polling some fresh new mommas in my family and friend group, I've compiled a short list of ideas on how to best support a new mom during the early stages of postpartum!

  • This may feel a bit like breaking and entering, but there is NOTHING better than bringing home a new baby to a sparkly clean home. Bless my sweet Italian mother-in-law for doing a whole house clean before we brought home baby. Grab some girlfriends or family members and do some scrubbing while Mom, Dad, and Baby rest up in the hospital. Even if scrubbing isn't your thing, do a sweep of the refrigerator for expired or old food, take out the trash, fluff some pillows etc. This was suchhhhh a treat as a new mom and one less thing I had to take care of once we got home. Don't just offer, simply ask for that garage code and get to it!

  • Amazon Prime some postpartum necessities. Though they stock you up pretty well in the hospital, the mesh undies run out quickly! Here is a list of postpartum essentials right from Amazon to treat mom to. Add their address & send right to their door!

  • Sometimes even the idea of having to put a meal in the oven seems overwhelming. Send a greeting card with an Uber eats / DoorDash gift card. This way the new family can enjoy a hot meal of their choice delivered right to their door without having to move far from the couch! (Though ANYYY type of food will be more than welcome!! Bring out the comfort dishes!).

  • Bake some delicious "middle of the night" snacks such as these Blueberry Oat Muffins so mom (and dad!) have something to munch on and grab in a hurry. Drop them on the front porch with a hot coffee, mom will certainly be in heaven!

  • If this isn't the first child, offer to take their other children out for an afternoon of fun, (and bring them back VERYYYY tired😉). Or just coming over and dedicating yourself as the "fun friend for the day" so the other child is occupied. This did amazing things for my mental health, as I didn't have to feel guilty sitting down to feed the baby when I knew my girl was out having a fun day and one on one time. (This can also apply to pets :))

  • When mom is ready, offer a no pressure, very casual hangout! Ask to hold the baby (after some hand sani!!) and insist mom goes to take a shower, go on a walk, or take some time to herself. Have her tell you about her baby's birth, and simply visit with her. It's so cool to see your friend or family member transition into this new role!! Soak it all in with her!

Love and support goes such a long way, thank you for supporting this new mom as she navigates this chapter of motherhood!

"As a mom, one of the best things to have are friends who love and cherish your child as much as you do" 💕

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