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Newborn Top 15!

If you know me in real life you know that Google is my best friend.....sometimes to a fault ;) The only thing that eased my mind during pregnancy and helped me battle postpartum anxiety was by doing research. With help from the NICU nurses, our pediatrician and other mommas, I was able to figure out the best fit for me and my girl. Below you'll find the top 15 products that I couldn't live without in those first few weeks of motherhood. It is important to keep in mind that every baby is so incredibly different and what worked for me, might not be a good fit for you! Always work with your pediatrician & follow your mother's intuition!

  1. Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment- When Payton was in the NICU The nurses used this. Not sure what kind of magic Boudreaux puts in here but she has NEVER had a diaper rash in 2.5 years. Highly recommend!

  2. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops- Newborns often struggle getting their gas out. This product was a lifesaver on nights when we felt like P had some bubbles in her belly, within minutes she was soothed and ready to go back to sleep.

  3. WaterWipes Baby Wipes Also a NICU inspired purchase- the nurses only used sterile water when wiping Payton as a newborn. When we were set to go home I didn't want to upset her bottom with a more harsh wipe so I found these at Target. They are mainly water with a drop of fruit abstract. We use them for everything around here, we'll be forever customers!

  4. Graco Pack n Play- One thing I wish we didn't rush getting ready was Payton's nursery. No one really told me newborns don't stay in there till quite sometime after they're born. She slept in this pack n play next to our bed for around sixth months until we transitioned her into her own crib. This is easy to fold up, great for travel, and the attachments were super convenient for those late night changes. They sell pack n play sheets to match.

  5. Spectra Breast Pump- There are thousands of breast pumps you can purchase but this one worked really well for me. Payton did not latch so I exclusively pumped my milk and divided into bottles. My insurance covered this one completely. It has lots of settings and was pretty much attached to my hip the entire time. I was really happy with it!

  6. Hands Free Breast Pumping Bra- A friend brought this over to me about four days after my milk came in and it pretty much changed my life! My back was aching from leaning over holding the bottles but after using this I felt much more free & in less pain. If you plan to pump breast milk at all you NEED a good pumping bra! Comfort really makes a difference in milk supply as well.

  7. Bottle Drying Rack- Bottles come with a lot more parts than you would think and this saved so much counter space! I like the two tiers because then things weren't too close together when drying. I suggest sticking this somewhere you get natural sunlight because UV rays actually work as natural sanitizers! (obviously you still will want to boil your pump parts and bottles bi weekly or once a week when your newborn is still teeny).

  8. Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath & Lotion Set- talk about newborn smell! This was my favorite scent when shopping for baby bath supplies. I swear by the calming kind. We still use this at two years old because I just can't give up the smell just yet!

  9. Dr. Brown's Newborn Bottle Set- Again there are sooo many different types of bottles to choose from, these just worked for us! Since Payton didn't latch, we bottle-fed her with my breastmilk. These bottles were the perfect "flow", not too fast or slow. Dr. Brown's sells all the nipple sizes and we just phased in new ones as she got bigger. I liked these in particular because they're not huge and easy to pack in the diaper bag. One downfall- lots of pieces and parts to wash but the science behind that helps keep bubbles building up in their bellies.

  10. Hand Lotion- You will be washing SO many things as a newborn mama. From bottles, to pump parts, to sanitizing your whole house. All the washing tore my hands UP. I used tubes and tubes of hand lotion. Such an underrated necessity for new moms!

  11. Hatch Sound Machine- A great sound machine you can control from your phone! This is a product that will grow with your baby, but as a newborn its main function will be helping with white noise. You're able to change colors and sounds and volume from their app. A staple!

  12. Pampers Diapers- Pretty self explanatory here! We had a diaper party and tried allllll sorts of diapers. I just found Pampers to be the best fit for us. They are comfortable for baby, soft, and have the blue line feature to tell you when the baby has peed. Honestly, just buy stock in diapers because you'll be buying em for awhile....

  13. MamaRoo Baby Swing- This is the only product on this list that I haven't used a TON, we used the Fisher Price Rock-n-play baby seat but they were all recalled due to safety reasons (yikes) so I had to supplement. A baby swing is extremely necessary as your newborn will sleep a ton. I chose the MamaRoo for this list because it can be controlled from your phone and we received a hand me down one when Payton was a few months old. I really liked it and wished I had it from the start rather than the rock n play. I like how it keeps the baby upright but not laying fully flat. This will help with flat spots on their heads. Really any baby swing will do the job, but I feel like this is the mercedes.

  14. Dreft Newborn Laundry Detergent- Allllll the heavenly baby smells in this one! Pricey, but worth every single penny. Your whole house will smell like newborn snuggles when you do your laundry! Super gentle for precious baby skin and a newborn staple for sure.

annnnnd last but not least----

15. Philips Avent Soothie Shapes Pacifier- let's be honest here, we would NOT have survived without paci's!! Payton is still going strong on this type and refused any other. They were used in the NICU as well, as they are super close similar to a real nipple size which helps with nipple confusion in the baby. We've never had any fall apart or rip at all. Not too pricey either! Highly suggest this brand.

If you made it this far, I appreciate you! Remember- you are ENOUGH and doing an amazing job, Mama! I hope this helps you survive those first few weeks. Soak up ALLLL those snuggles, the toddler years creep up faster than you could ever imagine :)

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