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Seeing Double? ll Life as a Twin

A built in best friend who is stuck with me for LIFE. That’s the best description on what life is like when you have a twin.

Meet Lauren ❤️ My twin sister. My person. We often joke that my husband didn’t just marry me, but also married her too. 😂 (don’t make it weird!)

We talk every day, pretty much all day long. If my phones buzzin’ 9x outta 10 it’s her!! Even though we’re in pretty different chapters of our lives right now, we stay supporting each other no.matter.what. She’s pretty much the first person I go to with any question, crazy ideas, funny memes, and so much more. We essentially share the same brain, but truly have our own personalities at the same time!

Some Quick facts about Laur!

#1. In 2020 She is enlisted in the US Navy Reserves and will go to boot camp in March. Yes, she’s a total badass.

#2. Laur attended the University of Cincinnati & graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Marketing! She works for Kroger’s advertising subsidy #8451.

#3. Kobe is her fur son, enough said. He’s a GIANT sweetheart, like really giant.... & loves his momma. ++++ I’m his favorite human aunt EVER.

#4. Lauren never does anything half ass, she always puts in more work than necessary and climbs to the top of most situations she’s in. She makes me so proud of her work ethic on the daily!

#5. She was the first of us girls to purchase her own home at 23 years old..... thus becoming a real adult waaaay before me!


#6. She honestly should teach classes on how to be the best maid of honor EVER. Move over Taylor swift, she was the best of ALL TIME. I still cry thinking about it... she planned the best backyard bachelorette party & even got all my favorite people to write me a letter on wedding day 🥺🥺

#7. She has her own Etsy Shop! Simply Cypress Glassware - Unique hand painted wine glasses that you can put in the dishwasher! They are perfect, customizable, and would like great on any bar cart!

#8. She’s single, fellas 😉

Twin Q & A!

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what being a twin is actually like to non-twins! We recently polled my Instagram followers (@kristen.jedlicka) to ask what kinds of things you want to know about being a twin.

#1. What is your favorite thing about being a twin??

There are soooooo many fun things it’s really really hard to choose! It has changed throughout the years, I would say growing up our favorite thing was just having someone to do stuff with. Whenever one of us had an errand, the other did too! I had to teach myself how to run errands by myself once we went off to separate colleges 😳 it was a tough adjustment.... Now I can easily say my favorite part about having a twin is having someone in my life who trulyyyy understands everything about me because they’ve practically lived life with me. She’s been my saving grace in this crazy world & I really think god knew I needed a twin to survive, he probably shook his head when making us a little too 😂 I've also loved watching my sister transform into the greatest Aunt to Payton. Their bond makes my momma and twin heart so happy!

#2. Do/Did you have your own language?

Please blame my dad for these bowl cuts....

Yes & yes!! For some strange reason growing up Lauren called me “Dobby” and I called her “Ralph”.... my mom nor either one of us have ANY clue where it came from but we answered to one another !! To this day we still can shoot each other a look or say one or two words and completely understand what the other is trying to say! It really freaks my husband out.

#3. Do you have any twin telepathy stories?

If any twins tell you twin telepathy isn’t real, they’re lying! In highschool we walked out of our rooms in the same exact outfits more than once. We can usually sense the other’s emotions pretty easily even as we’ve gotten older! Sometimes we’ll call our mom with the same type of problem on the same day without even talking to each other at all. It is definitely a thing!

#4. Do you ever have similar dreams on the same night?

I can’t say we’ve ever had the same exact dream from start to finish but we both agree that sometimes we’ve had similar type dreams! We’re going to pay attention to this more though and report back :).

This question was asked sooo many times! - #5. Have you ever fought over a boy?

LOL- yes! Only once in our whole lives though. Junior year of high school we actually were seeing the same the same time unknowingly to us. Now he’s married to our best friend and we all still laugh about it today!

#6. Have you ever switched places?

Twice! We went to one another’s classes in middle and high school. In high school I went to her psychology class and she went to my english class. The psych teacher called me about like 5 minutes into class but the english teacher had no clue for the entire period! The psych teacher played the joke back on her and made me pretend we were in HUGE trouble 😂 and scared the crap out of Lauren. When she came to visit me in college I sent her down the hall to our guy friends dorm to see if they would notice it wasn't me & when I lived in her apartment in cincinnati one summer we would get mistaken for one another ALL the time! Her friends called me “fake lauren”😂.

#7. What was it like going to separate colleges?

This was a super hard choice to make. I don’t think either of us had ever really planned to go off to college together because we’re pretty different people in high school. Lauren was interested in the business world whereas I was pretty set on being a teacher already. We didn’t quite realize how big of a change it would be until we both got there I think! It was a HARD transition freshman year. Thank GOODNESS for the Go Bus, they had a route from Ohio U to Cincinnati. For $10 we could be to each other in just a few hours. Luckily we both met some pretty great groups of friends to lean on and explore college

She NEVER missed a sibs fest at OU!

with. There were pros and cons for sure but the best thing was meeting new people and then being able to share those friends with one another when we’d visit! We got to expand our circles and really find ourselves throughout those 4 years. It really prepared us for when I moved out to California & for when we would live in separate cities as adults.

#8. Have you ever been to Twins Day's in Twinsburg?

Yes! only once though. It is sooo crazy to see all the twins that come from across the globe to twins days! I highly recommend checking it out in Twinsburg, OH once in your lifetime!

Overall being a twin is like having a membership card to the coolest club in the world. I wish everyone in the world could experience it!
Wanna know more about being a twin? Message me on Instagram @kristen.jedlicka

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