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Top 6 Favorite Instagram Influencers

If you know me in real life you know that A LOT of my sentences start with "I saw an instagram influencer post about....." Watching their stories and seeing their posts often help me navigate motherhood, and make me feel like i'm not so crazy after all!!! It was super hard to choose my favorites but these six consistently make my day while scrolling through instagram! Most of them also have blogs of their own and post some AMAZING content. I hope you'll follow their journey & engage with them, too!

Amber Massey- @masseya -

My husband jokes that Amber is my woman crush and he's not 100% wrong!!! I'd like the think that she is my friend in real life even though she isn't. She has the world's cutest family. She juggles motherhood, running her business, and decorating her BEAUTIFUL new home like a pro. Her husband is also a fireman so she is a fellow #firewife! Amber works with lots of awesome brands so her discount codes are always on point.

Jennifer Todryk- @theramblingredhead-

If you want to laugh, get tips on how to organize your entire house, laugh again,

get some more home decor style tips, and laugh some more you must follow Jen!

She and her husband own a coffee shop @armorcoffee & she also has an HGTV show coming out soon! She's super authentic and a redhead so I just really feel like she gets me.......

Desirae - @heybarnettfam-

One of the most real mommas on instagram! She's also based in Ohio & has some of the cutest children i've ever seen! Not to mention she is a total badass and DIY's furniture for her home with her own two hands. One thing I really love about her page though is whenever I message her with a question about something she posts, she ALWAYS DM's me back, like that day..... I think that says a lot about her character & she really is in it for the people!

Katy Roach- @livingmybeststyle -

My fashion inspo!! She is a momma to sweet Coop and has the most on point outfits! Katy keeps it real and shares the best links for affordable clothes. She also throws in a recipe idea every once in awhile. A great account to follow!

Krista Horton- @kristen.horton -

For all things entertainment, you must follow Krista and her hilarious family! She is super active on stories & I truly feel like were friends in real life! Her daughter Kolly is one of a kind and her husband Bryce might be a bigger belieber than me <3 She just had a baby boy -Kamp- and has a ton of baby links that all moms need to have! Check out her beautiful pool renovation that has me googling "in ground pools" on the daily.

Samantha Curtis- @samantha_show_ -

A fellow CLE Blogger! Samantha and her family don't live too far from me so I'm always loving her tips on places to go in CLE. She is so transparent with her followers so I always know when swiping on her links that they are worth it. She talks about real life stuff not just product. I love how relatable she is! You can tell she takes a lot of pride in her work. Any Peloton junkies need to add her! She inspires me on the daily! Her husband even jumps on stories to do "Try ons with Z", you don't wanna miss it!!

Follow these gals so we can all laugh together!! Tell them Kristen Jedlicka sent ya ;)

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