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Top Ten -3 to 12 Month- Baby Essentials

So you got through the newborn stage! CONGRATS! You got that baby on a routine and you're really starting to get the hang of this "motherhood" stuff......... now what?! What else do you need as your baby grows from three - twelve months?! Lots of milestones are hit in these next few months and you'll be happy to have some of these essentials.

**All items are linked on the app! Follow me @kristen.jedlicka**

#1. Bumbo Seat: a life saver when it comes time for solids. You can put it on top of a counter (obviously making sure it is sturdy). strap in their chunky thighs and you’ve got a makeshift high chair without all the bulk!

#2. Silicone Bibs- so easy to wipe off and you can even stick them in the dishwasher (top shelf). Much easier to keep clean than the cloth bibs!

#3. Sophie the Giraffe- no joke, it is a little pricey for a teething toy, but believe me when I say it is like baby crack! It is vanilla flavored and a teething baby life saver!

#4. Baby Bullet Blender- If you have the time, I highly suggest trying to make your own baby food! Though using jars is easy and convenient, using the baby bullet can save you some $$$ in the long run! Steam up some sweet potatoes, and sneak in some spinach. Blend it all up in the baby bullet & wa-lah! It comes with your own jars & all the tools you’ll need for delicious homemade baby food.

#5. Happy Baby Organic Teething Wafers- another Payton fav. We didn’t go anywhere without a pack of these during those baby teething months. Yummy & perfect for an on-the-go snack. There’s lots of flavors to choose from, too!

#6. Silicone Suction Food Plate- another easy & completely washable infant staple! For some reason babies just LOVE to throw their plates & food...This plate will suction down to the Bumbo tray /highchair table so you won’t end up with food all over your kitchen wall (true story 😖)

#7. Disposable Place Mats- An amazing find by my mother in law- these are perfect for taking your baby to restaurants! There is adhesive on the sides so they stick right to the table. We’ve gone through a few packs of these already!

#8. Sit Me Up Baby Seat- a perfect alternative for the baby swing as your baby gets older. I can thank the sit me up for giving me a chance to get ready in the mornings 😂 This helps your baby build core & neck strength while safely supporting them! Payton used her sit me up for so long, a great investment!

#9. Organic Baby Food Pouches- great for on the go! I chose plum organics brand, as there are good ingredients and different types of nutritious veggies and fruits in each pouch. I’d slip them in the diaper bag and let Payton snack on them often.

Last but not least-

#10. Fisher Price Activity Play Mat- When we got this Chris and I used to say that it made our job so much easier as parents 😂 Payton could’ve laid on this and played for hours! Great for tummy time practice as well. She still likes to play with the piano part at 2.5 years old! A HIGHLY necessary purchase for all babies 3-12 months old!

As always, remember that ALL babies are different. What works for me, might not work for you and that is totallllyyyy okay! Always follow your mom gut and Happy shopping!

**All items are linked on the app! Follow me @kristen.jedlicka**

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